Upcoming Litters

Fall/Winter Plans

Mari X Benson- Mari will pair with Benson for gorgeous multigenerational mini’s! Breeding to take place in beginning of August.This breeding will produce merle and tri colored in traditional pattern with stunning wavy smooth coat structure. They will average between 25-40lbs at maturity. Early October arrival anticipated pending positive pregnancy confirmation.

Maisel X Benson- Maisel and Benson have been paired for medium/standard Ultra Bernedoodles. We are very excited for this litter and anticipate high (75% or more content) Bernese with a soft and silky loose wavy coat. Possibility for shedding will be slightly higher than our traditional F1 offspring however we still anticipate it being minimal if at all due to Bensons coat genetics. We are so looking forward to maintaining the Bernese European structure, Maisels clear health genetics and excellent orthopedic evaluation scoring along with Bensons incredible genetic profile and health testing evaluations. All will be Tri-colored in traditional pattern. All will be Irish spotting (SISI) rather than traditional SP parti. Coat structure will be Ff and -/-. We plan to hold back 1 or 2 from this litter to continue our multigenerational lineage. We will be confirming pregnancy on Oct 20th and pending a positive result we will have arrivals towards the end of November.

Roux X Templeton- Roux had paired with Templeton for F1 Mini Bernedoodles. We are very excited about this litter and plan to hold back 2 girls for our program. This pairing is a repeat breeding and has produce stunning merle and tri in both traditional and abstract patterns. They will average between 35-55lbs at maturity. We will be confirming pregnancy on Oct 16th and pending a positive result we anticipate their arrival around Nov 20th