Upcoming Litters

Fall Plans

Maggie X Templeton F1 mini/mediums. PREGNANCY CONFIRMED! Due towards the end of September. They will average between 40-65 lbs at maturity. Availability is likely in this litter pending an average litter size! This litter will be open to our standard Bernedoodle wait list first. Once I have gotten through the families on the standard Bernedoodle wait list of space is available I will open it to those on our mini Bernedoodle wait list and then to the public.

Linkin x Templeton. Linkin will be breeding for gorgeous F1b mini’s in late August. We anticipate gorgeous babies in both merle and tri in traditional, parti, and abstract patterns. They will range between 20-35 lbs at maturity. Availability is likely pending a successful pregnancy and average litter size.

Maisel x Luca. Maisel and Luca have bred for F1 standard Bernedoodles. We are super stoked for this litter as I have spent years working to cultivate deep phantom markings in our Bernedoodles that stay true and Luca is our much anticipated stud to produce that! Pregnancy will be confirmed on Oct 14th. Pending a positive result they will arrive in late November.